Monday, December 19, 2011

it's about blood ..sweat.. and tears..

hi everyone.

during my six weeks of preparation class. i heard all the blood, sweat and tears stories from them. scary!!! i realised this is not and easy journey.

and another word that should be kept in mind untill i complete the journey is PERSEVERANCE. Oxford dictionary explained the word as "the quality of continuing to try to achieve a particular aim despite difficulties"

i'm a bit worried bout myself. i dont like reading. i dont like writing. i dont like talking. but this is a must for my journey.

reading- i dont read newspapers. i do read magazines. it's all about food, health and what else huh? yes, it's basically food and health. i didnt read much on technology, even i called myself a technology freak. i didnt read much on world issues.

writing - i didnt write. i have a personal blog. i call myself a blogger. i blog about myself. i blog bout food. i cannot see any important points in my blog that can help me to be a good writer.

talking - people call me introvert. people call me extrovert. i can only to to certain people. if i think i can talk to you, i will talk to you like we already know each other for years. i am a bit prejudice to new comer in life. but if i feel comfortable with you. i will talk to you.

well, this will not be the reason for me to fail. i choose this path, i will walk trough. this is a one way ticket. wish me luck everyone.

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