Friday, April 12, 2013

proposal defence

hello everyone.

proposal, my own words, is what you have planned to do.

i am not lucky, i have to do the defense two times. but, i am a chosen one! it was last november, i did my defense. they accepted my idea, but then they were not satisfied with my literature writing. my bad. normally they just ask to rewrite the proposal (read:improve) since i am the chosen one, i need to represent (read : re-defense) my proposal.

look at the positive site, what ever it is, i still need to improve the proposal. my presentation skills is very bad, re-defense give me another chance to speak in front of them. *yeah right*

yesterday, 11 April, was my second defense. alhamdulillah everything went smooth. after my first defense, the head of department advise me to start my research work, since i only need to improve the literature part *academic writing is not funny!*

finally i completed my proposal defense in my third semester.

meanwhile, i have started my research work. i am using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. now i am doing the qualitative part. meeting good people. :)

i am struggling to complete my first validation before i off for my mid year holiday. first validation process sounds so simple, yet it is complicated. preparing the documents for validation, meeting people, analyze the data, refining, re-validate (second round of validation for the first process). *hope for minor refining process*

i have not seen my supervisor about 5 weeks after i started my validation process. unfortunately, he was in the office when i went to the office to collect form from the PA. i have nothing to show him. but i updated the progress.*discussing+ asking opinion+etc* *correction, luckily he was in the office*

way to go. let me finish my work. see you again later. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Lonely Journey

Hello everyone.

It's been a while i did not drop any words here. Been busy. nothing interesting to write. what else?

I'm now competing with myself to get things done. identifying the factors for validation process. give explanations, rewording etc. it sound simple, yet it is complicated.  i have registered for the third semester last week. hoping that the validation process will start soon.

i am lonely. yes, i have to admit that i am on my lonely journey. i strongly agreed with this statement "A PhD is unlike any other qualification. It requires more than reading, doing coursework and attending lectures. A PhD relies on candidates' insight and inspiration. You will probably go - at least temporarily - mad in the process. But if you have the opportunity, stock up on the jelly babies and dolly mixtures and go for it. It is a life-changing experience."

people are around me. but they do not understand me. do not understand my journey. do not feel how i am suffering with this journey. unless they had gone through this lonely journey. 

yesterday, i had lunch with my UPSI friend, after he defended his proposal. congrats friend! but he's a bit disappointed, because he need to improve here and there. don't worry, just do it! i have gone through this. It is true, after all that, we need to talk to someone who understand. someone who had been suffering ....

this lonely journey needs me to organize my own schedule. when to have a discussion with supervisor? what to do, what to read. where is the most comfortable place to do my work? my supervisor shared his calendar, so it's a bit easier for me to catch his time. *yeah i wish* but still, it is not easy to get his time. luckily i am able to make appointment during lunch time,  say from 12 noon to 2.30 pm. *syukur* it can be any days, even on Saturday. 

this lonely journey makes me think more about food. food is my second best friend after books. yes, coffee too. *now is 3 something in the morning, and i am still wide awake* i wish i can have low fat latte now. *i only have black coffee at home*

this lonely journey thought me how to struggle. so i start running. i am not a marathoner, not even run Half Marathon. * i wish i will be able to run HM* 

this lonely journey....

i need to get back to work, catcha some other time. :) 

Friday, January 4, 2013

welcome 2013

hello everyone.
happy new year. welcome 2013. this coming February, my journey will reach one year old. one year sounds new, but the 365 days is a long journey. still nothing much to say.

my proposal? i have submitted the correction, and still waiting for feedback. pray for a good feedback.As promise, i manage to submit before Christmas. i hope my head of department will not take long to respond. most probably i need to defend the proposal again. i might say re-present, because i am going to present the same ideas. hopefully, the eternal panel will satisfied with it. *external panel is from UPM* whatever it is, please pray for me.

concurrently, i am doing my first stage of my research work. besides identify all the critical success factors, i also identify potential respondents for the validation process. The experts, practitioners and academicians. hopefully by end of February i manage to start the first validation process.

a part from all that, i currently improve my writing for chapter 1 to chapter 3. yes, i have done my proposal defense without get all the chapters done. actually it is not properly written. you will not be able to propose what  you going to work for your research if you are not working with all the three chapters. believe me.

catcha later everyone. i have something to do. :)

Friday, November 30, 2012

New Semester !

Hello everyone.

if you wondering why i did not drop any words for quite some times, just to tell you, i am doing fine here. i declared my third semester as un productive semester. hey! it does not mean i just laid back and doing nothing. but, the outcomes does not turn up as what i expected. well, life must goes on. i am already in the middle of the journey. the lonely journey. i have no idea when the journey gonna ends. but i promise it gonna be a good ending. *do pray for me peeps!*

i am officially a fourth semester student. i registered online last week. the semester will be started soon, but i have started my work. :) . *am not following the official schedule* . my SV just approve my validation form early this week, and now proceed with the so called 'labour' work! meeting people. again and again. i have to re-strategies the strategy.

if you send the validation form and wanted to have it in two weeks time, believe me, sometimes u will get it two months or more later. so, you tell me when i am gonna end this lonely journey. but i still believe, there still many good people out there willing to help.

again nothing much i can say here. but this semester i really need to work extra harder. i believe in myself. :)

gotta go. cathca later peeps!

Monday, November 26, 2012

what to write...

hello everyone.
i did not know there's people drop by here. i just realised the viewers count increasing. it's you, and you, and you... thank you!

seriously, i have nothing to write, since my last entry. the same old stories. i would say, i' struggling to make done. yes, a few more years to go.

owh i wanna share something. i did mention about proposal defense in my last entry. just to share with you, i am not able to make it through. i need to re write my proposal. i need to improve my my literature review. academic writing is very challenging. i'm quite disappointed with that. but i take it positive. i take it as a challenge.

i am quite lucky, i suppose. i just need to re write my proposal. in other words, i need to improve the proposal. they accept the ideas. but, the panel expect more! *just 3 of them, internal, external (from UPM) and the chairperson)

so now i have two tasks at a time. refining my proposal and do my research work concurrently. that's the challenge. as i said, i take it positive. i move forward. sometimes, if you can not pass the hurdle, you will feel the pain. if you look backword, it will be even more painful. this is a test. so i need to move on.

i set a target for this. i have to finish my proposal by christmas, or the most by year end. i have everything with me. now, compile, read again and write.

so it mean i cannot stay here quite long. see you in next entry. :)

wish me luck.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

welcome new semester

Hello everyone.

i am just enrolled for my second semester. with just one click. it is all done online. thank you the boarderless world!

what i am going to say about last semester? i would say, i need to put more effort for this semester. past is past. start a new semester with more energetic and more dicipline!

i planned to do my proposal defence this semester. yes, it will be probably end of october, or sometime in november, perhap. but last friday, i'm shocked. really shocked, it will be on october 5th. this is not for the whole research group under Strategic Information System. This is only for my research's friend and for me.

this is how the story goes. where should i begin actually?  make the story short. last friday, my research's friend informed me, that i will do the proposal defence on the 5th october. togather with him since we are doing Strategic Information System research. IT Governance and Strategic Alignment.

that is not an issue. about one month to go. but i will be on leave form 14th september - 20th september. all the writing and presentation slides should be ready a week before. so i ony have 10 solid days!

Yakin Boleh! this is not a challenge. this is part of my journey. either end of october, november or 5th october, i still need to do it.

pen of now. proceed to my work :)

have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, July 20, 2012

After 5 months

Hello everyone!

after 5 months being a postgraduate student. life is so uncertain. ups and downs. but everything is still under control i suppose.

i need to revise my study plan. yes, i dont even have a proper study plan. i cannot revise! have a new one. i only have something which i call 'research timeline'. it is one of requirement in research proposal writing. if not i am sure i will not have it.

i have another proposal defence for my research methodology class at university. again, i took research methodology class. no comment! well my presentation slide improve a bit. more structured compare to the one during my PhD preparation class. eventhough the content is not so good but, i believe it's much more better than the previous one. Dr Amirul Shah will agree with my statement i guess. :P
i manage to show and discuss to Dr Shanudin before the presentation. which is i planned not to.

i'm still stuck with my literature review. the same issues. i read, but i have problem to write. to do a critical analysis is one thing, and to write is a big thing. i better do something.

my SV assigned one task last few months, but i'm still working on it. to be completed soon i suppose. :p
i have discussed with my SV a few times, but still not up to his expectation. well, work harder please. after few discussions then only i can think of something better.

i have another one month to complete my first semester. i have no idea whether i'm able (read:capable) to do my proposal defense next semester. if it is end of second semester i believe i can do it.

sometimes, i'm demotivated. i have no idea at all bout what i'm doing. but thankful i never give up. after few days or maybe week(s), i'm back on track. i better not go there. *my weakness*

now, we (my research partner and i) are planning to have a weekly discussion on progress (etc) . this is to motivate each other to stay on track and keep on doing the 'PhD work' .

that's all for today.
catch u later :)