Monday, January 2, 2012

where to ?

Hi everyone.

which university for me?

before i get my scholarship, i met one professor in UiTM. looking for some ideas, discussing ideas etc. the process going on smoothly. she's expected me to join the university soon.

i need to revise what we have discuss so far. i knew it is not final. i need to do more work. more reading. until i am able to defense the thing i proposed. but, i need to change it to something related to my previous plan.

i spoke to people around me. i googled the net. i met my former supervisor. he is one of associate professor in UKM. he currently the director of Pusat Teknologi Maklumat UKM. in brief, i did my masters by research. he was my supervisor during my study. i've work with him and he's very supportive. i'm not saying that my potential supervisor in UiTM not supportive, but i never have any working experience with her.

my former supervisor offered me to be under his supervision. thanks doctor. i submitted my application to UKM. i submitted my application to UiTM beforehand! now, i'm waiting for the offer. which will hit me first, UKM or UiTM? no, this is not fair if i just accept whichever come first. this is not practical.

again, i get opinion from people around me.
my former superior officer. my immediate superior, Dr Siti Hanom. she advice me to accept the offer from my former supervisor. She knew my former supervisor quite well.

i asked opinion from Dr Amirul Shah (USM). if i feel comfortable working with my former supervisor again, he advise me to work with him. he didnt know my former supervisor in person.

my sister and few friends advice the same.

well, to date, i still not decide yet.


  1. working with e people that we used to worked with means play safe ; but working with new people is actually a challenge ! good luck my dear ;)

  2. Mulan - i foresee the journey gonna be tough, i rather play safe than take the challenge. hmm, i not very sure. thanks dear fren. :)