Friday, March 9, 2012

march 2012

hi everyone. how's life? sometimes, i feel very uncertain, but under control. for this semester, i am attending a research methodology course. again and again. should not be a problem for me. different course, a new knowledge! i also attending a Decision support system/ Executive support system class. yes, my SV ask me to join as an auditor. no big deal. it is something related to my study field.

it's already middle of march. it is almost a month. but i still puzzle!
last week i had a discussion with my SV, before he leaving for macca. i have two weeks to do some foundation work. it is interesting! we discussed about methodology as well. let's start now!

SV said, dont do it at home. i need to put more effort to my research work. more than my office work. from his observation, few of his posgraduate students who did not make it on time had a personal problem. dicipline yourself!

SV said, when the time comes, i need to know bout SEM-structural equotion modelling *thanks SV he downloaded few ebooks for me to read* , AHP-analytical hierarchy process and nvivo- qualitative research software . be prepared.

i am expecting a very hectic weeks ahead. :)
see you next time everione.

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