Sunday, May 6, 2012

it is already Mei

hello everyone.

here is my journey updates. it is already Mei. there is no updates for April. i promise myself to write something, at least once a month. Nothing to say during April journey, i have gone through the same routine. reading and reading. let me share something. this morning, while do some spring cleaning, i noticed the word 'Dr Rosida' at one of the invitation cards. sometimes, friends start calling me Dr Sid, Dr Rosida etc,  they make me smiles. i know my journey just started. as what my supervisor said, i'm about to reach 'P', the 'h' and the 'D' is still a long way to go. But, i take it as a Doa from them. thank you friends.

since my last meeting with my supervisor, he asked me to meet few people for interview session. i made appointments and met few people. i need to see more people. but, before i proceed, i need to clarify something. i am goning to have a discussion with my supervisor, wednesday this week.

why i need to go and see people? i read for my literature review. but my supervisor said, " i dont want you to depends on reading only. talk to people" . i need to see people from various field. from government sectors to private sectors and industry. talk to IT experts, bussines people, academicians, practioners and many more.

the challenges started. i made appoinments to see people. some of them give a good respond an make it happen. some of them very supportive. some of them are too busy and have other commitment. i also sent emails to few people. i received a few replies. some of them need extra time and finally respond to me. some of them helps me to circulate to few others. some of them just assume that my email is not very important.

i think i need to revise something after i meet my supervisor. i need to improve and restrategies. this is a normal procedures. sometimes, we cannot make something done perfectly at first trial.

i'm now moving to Blok H at the faculty. getting to know all the research students. meeting new people, making new friends. perhaps, we can exchange ideas and sharing experiences.

i need to go now. till we meet again. wish me luck everyone.

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