Friday, April 12, 2013

proposal defence

hello everyone.

proposal, my own words, is what you have planned to do.

i am not lucky, i have to do the defense two times. but, i am a chosen one! it was last november, i did my defense. they accepted my idea, but then they were not satisfied with my literature writing. my bad. normally they just ask to rewrite the proposal (read:improve) since i am the chosen one, i need to represent (read : re-defense) my proposal.

look at the positive site, what ever it is, i still need to improve the proposal. my presentation skills is very bad, re-defense give me another chance to speak in front of them. *yeah right*

yesterday, 11 April, was my second defense. alhamdulillah everything went smooth. after my first defense, the head of department advise me to start my research work, since i only need to improve the literature part *academic writing is not funny!*

finally i completed my proposal defense in my third semester.

meanwhile, i have started my research work. i am using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. now i am doing the qualitative part. meeting good people. :)

i am struggling to complete my first validation before i off for my mid year holiday. first validation process sounds so simple, yet it is complicated. preparing the documents for validation, meeting people, analyze the data, refining, re-validate (second round of validation for the first process). *hope for minor refining process*

i have not seen my supervisor about 5 weeks after i started my validation process. unfortunately, he was in the office when i went to the office to collect form from the PA. i have nothing to show him. but i updated the progress.*discussing+ asking opinion+etc* *correction, luckily he was in the office*

way to go. let me finish my work. see you again later. :)

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