Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Lonely Journey

Hello everyone.

It's been a while i did not drop any words here. Been busy. nothing interesting to write. what else?

I'm now competing with myself to get things done. identifying the factors for validation process. give explanations, rewording etc. it sound simple, yet it is complicated.  i have registered for the third semester last week. hoping that the validation process will start soon.

i am lonely. yes, i have to admit that i am on my lonely journey. i strongly agreed with this statement "A PhD is unlike any other qualification. It requires more than reading, doing coursework and attending lectures. A PhD relies on candidates' insight and inspiration. You will probably go - at least temporarily - mad in the process. But if you have the opportunity, stock up on the jelly babies and dolly mixtures and go for it. It is a life-changing experience."

people are around me. but they do not understand me. do not understand my journey. do not feel how i am suffering with this journey. unless they had gone through this lonely journey. 

yesterday, i had lunch with my UPSI friend, after he defended his proposal. congrats friend! but he's a bit disappointed, because he need to improve here and there. don't worry, just do it! i have gone through this. It is true, after all that, we need to talk to someone who understand. someone who had been suffering ....

this lonely journey needs me to organize my own schedule. when to have a discussion with supervisor? what to do, what to read. where is the most comfortable place to do my work? my supervisor shared his calendar, so it's a bit easier for me to catch his time. *yeah i wish* but still, it is not easy to get his time. luckily i am able to make appointment during lunch time,  say from 12 noon to 2.30 pm. *syukur* it can be any days, even on Saturday. 

this lonely journey makes me think more about food. food is my second best friend after books. yes, coffee too. *now is 3 something in the morning, and i am still wide awake* i wish i can have low fat latte now. *i only have black coffee at home*

this lonely journey thought me how to struggle. so i start running. i am not a marathoner, not even run Half Marathon. * i wish i will be able to run HM* 

this lonely journey....

i need to get back to work, catcha some other time. :) 

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