Friday, July 20, 2012

After 5 months

Hello everyone!

after 5 months being a postgraduate student. life is so uncertain. ups and downs. but everything is still under control i suppose.

i need to revise my study plan. yes, i dont even have a proper study plan. i cannot revise! have a new one. i only have something which i call 'research timeline'. it is one of requirement in research proposal writing. if not i am sure i will not have it.

i have another proposal defence for my research methodology class at university. again, i took research methodology class. no comment! well my presentation slide improve a bit. more structured compare to the one during my PhD preparation class. eventhough the content is not so good but, i believe it's much more better than the previous one. Dr Amirul Shah will agree with my statement i guess. :P
i manage to show and discuss to Dr Shanudin before the presentation. which is i planned not to.

i'm still stuck with my literature review. the same issues. i read, but i have problem to write. to do a critical analysis is one thing, and to write is a big thing. i better do something.

my SV assigned one task last few months, but i'm still working on it. to be completed soon i suppose. :p
i have discussed with my SV a few times, but still not up to his expectation. well, work harder please. after few discussions then only i can think of something better.

i have another one month to complete my first semester. i have no idea whether i'm able (read:capable) to do my proposal defense next semester. if it is end of second semester i believe i can do it.

sometimes, i'm demotivated. i have no idea at all bout what i'm doing. but thankful i never give up. after few days or maybe week(s), i'm back on track. i better not go there. *my weakness*

now, we (my research partner and i) are planning to have a weekly discussion on progress (etc) . this is to motivate each other to stay on track and keep on doing the 'PhD work' .

that's all for today.
catch u later :)

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