Saturday, September 8, 2012

welcome new semester

Hello everyone.

i am just enrolled for my second semester. with just one click. it is all done online. thank you the boarderless world!

what i am going to say about last semester? i would say, i need to put more effort for this semester. past is past. start a new semester with more energetic and more dicipline!

i planned to do my proposal defence this semester. yes, it will be probably end of october, or sometime in november, perhap. but last friday, i'm shocked. really shocked, it will be on october 5th. this is not for the whole research group under Strategic Information System. This is only for my research's friend and for me.

this is how the story goes. where should i begin actually?  make the story short. last friday, my research's friend informed me, that i will do the proposal defence on the 5th october. togather with him since we are doing Strategic Information System research. IT Governance and Strategic Alignment.

that is not an issue. about one month to go. but i will be on leave form 14th september - 20th september. all the writing and presentation slides should be ready a week before. so i ony have 10 solid days!

Yakin Boleh! this is not a challenge. this is part of my journey. either end of october, november or 5th october, i still need to do it.

pen of now. proceed to my work :)

have a great weekend everyone.

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