Monday, November 26, 2012

what to write...

hello everyone.
i did not know there's people drop by here. i just realised the viewers count increasing. it's you, and you, and you... thank you!

seriously, i have nothing to write, since my last entry. the same old stories. i would say, i' struggling to make done. yes, a few more years to go.

owh i wanna share something. i did mention about proposal defense in my last entry. just to share with you, i am not able to make it through. i need to re write my proposal. i need to improve my my literature review. academic writing is very challenging. i'm quite disappointed with that. but i take it positive. i take it as a challenge.

i am quite lucky, i suppose. i just need to re write my proposal. in other words, i need to improve the proposal. they accept the ideas. but, the panel expect more! *just 3 of them, internal, external (from UPM) and the chairperson)

so now i have two tasks at a time. refining my proposal and do my research work concurrently. that's the challenge. as i said, i take it positive. i move forward. sometimes, if you can not pass the hurdle, you will feel the pain. if you look backword, it will be even more painful. this is a test. so i need to move on.

i set a target for this. i have to finish my proposal by christmas, or the most by year end. i have everything with me. now, compile, read again and write.

so it mean i cannot stay here quite long. see you in next entry. :)

wish me luck.

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