Friday, November 30, 2012

New Semester !

Hello everyone.

if you wondering why i did not drop any words for quite some times, just to tell you, i am doing fine here. i declared my third semester as un productive semester. hey! it does not mean i just laid back and doing nothing. but, the outcomes does not turn up as what i expected. well, life must goes on. i am already in the middle of the journey. the lonely journey. i have no idea when the journey gonna ends. but i promise it gonna be a good ending. *do pray for me peeps!*

i am officially a fourth semester student. i registered online last week. the semester will be started soon, but i have started my work. :) . *am not following the official schedule* . my SV just approve my validation form early this week, and now proceed with the so called 'labour' work! meeting people. again and again. i have to re-strategies the strategy.

if you send the validation form and wanted to have it in two weeks time, believe me, sometimes u will get it two months or more later. so, you tell me when i am gonna end this lonely journey. but i still believe, there still many good people out there willing to help.

again nothing much i can say here. but this semester i really need to work extra harder. i believe in myself. :)

gotta go. cathca later peeps!

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