Friday, January 4, 2013

welcome 2013

hello everyone.
happy new year. welcome 2013. this coming February, my journey will reach one year old. one year sounds new, but the 365 days is a long journey. still nothing much to say.

my proposal? i have submitted the correction, and still waiting for feedback. pray for a good feedback.As promise, i manage to submit before Christmas. i hope my head of department will not take long to respond. most probably i need to defend the proposal again. i might say re-present, because i am going to present the same ideas. hopefully, the eternal panel will satisfied with it. *external panel is from UPM* whatever it is, please pray for me.

concurrently, i am doing my first stage of my research work. besides identify all the critical success factors, i also identify potential respondents for the validation process. The experts, practitioners and academicians. hopefully by end of February i manage to start the first validation process.

a part from all that, i currently improve my writing for chapter 1 to chapter 3. yes, i have done my proposal defense without get all the chapters done. actually it is not properly written. you will not be able to propose what  you going to work for your research if you are not working with all the three chapters. believe me.

catcha later everyone. i have something to do. :)

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